Waratahs Member Loyalty Program

The Waratahs Loyalty program rewards consecutive membership years with the NSW Waratahs. Membership tenure is based on consecutive years of membership; therefore, if you were a member in 2016 and 2017 but did not renew again until 2020 (and renewed all subsequent years following), you will be recognised as a consecutive member from 2020.

Please Note partner's memberships ie. SCG/SCOS Supporter Memberships & Essential Memberships do not count towards a member's tenure or loyalty status.

If the ‘member since’ year on your membership card reads incorrectly, please get in touch with the NSW Waratahs Membership team at memberships@nsw.rugby

Please be prepared to provide proof of membership for years unaccounted for.

In the event of a membership transfer within a family, the ‘new’ member embarks on their own unique journey with the club, commencing as a first-year member. Since membership tenure is linked to individual members rather than the membership itself, tenure does not transfer between family or friends. However, it is important to note that other benefits associated with the membership, such as seating location and access to the Life Member’s function, will be transferred.

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