Life Membership Terms & Conditions

In these Conditions the following terms have the following meanings:-

i. NSW Waratahs has the same meaning as Waratahs Rugby P/L, abbreviated to WRPL (ABN 14 141 172 287)

ii. ‘Union’ or ‘NSWRU’ means New South Wales Rugby Union Limited (ABN 70 000 222 711)

iii. ‘Directors’ means the board of directors, or other governing group of the Union.

iv. ‘Communications’ refers to any and all notices, calendars, publications or other forms of communications sent to the Member.

Please refer to the “NSW Waratahs membership terms and conditions” for definitions of ‘Match’ and ‘Venue’.

1. Life Members shall comply with these Conditions and the Memorandum and Articles of

Association of the Union and all the rules and regulations made pursuant thereto, as from the time amended.

2. In some cases as specified by WRPL, one (1) Life Member pass entitles the holder to two (2) Life Member privileges, e.g. NSW Waratahs Life Members function

3. It is a condition of sale that tickets to NSWRU/NSW Waratahs fixtures may not be resold at a premium nor used for advertising, promotion or other commercial purposes (incl. competitions or trade promotions) or to enhance the demand for other goods or services. If a ticket is sold or used in breach of this condition, the bearer of the ticket will be denied admission and WRPL will not be held responsible.

4. ‘Life Member Plus’ is a person who purchased a life member package in, or after the season of 2014.

5. The Union will set Life Member fees at their discretion.

6. All joining, subscription and membership fees are final and non-refundable following a cooling off period of 72 hours where a Member must contact the club in writing to terminate the membership if they do not agree with these Terms and Conditions as set by WRPL.

7. Annual subscriptions for each year an individual remains a member will incur a further non-refundable fee.

8. The Union will set Life Membership benefits at their discretion each season.

9. The Directors may in their discretion permit a Life Membership Card to be used by persons other than the Life Member to obtain benefits to which the Life member would have been entitled. Subject to written confirmation from the Directors permitting the Life Member to make his or her Life Membership card available to be used by another person, the Life Member shall be responsible for the conduct of such person and shall procure that he or she uses the Life Membership Card on the basis that he or she will comply with and be bound by these terms and conditions. Should a member be found to be misusing entitlements or benefits, NSWRU may revoke that membership with immediate effect, at the discretion of the Directors.

10. Life Members shall receive communications containing rugby information and other Union publications, the number and content of such communications of which shall be at the discretion of NSWRU.

11. Union Obligations and Rights

a. The Union shall be under no obligation to Life Members for any failure to make seating, parking or other benefits available arising by reason of the acts or omissions of its servants, agents or contractors or any other reason other than an intentional default on the part of the Directors.

b. The Union reserves the right to alter times and venues of Matches, functions, events or Tours and seating at Matches, functions, events or on Tours without notice and to cancel Matches, functions, events or Tours without notice if the Directors in their absolute discretion consider such alteration or cancellation necessary or desirable, provided that such refunds or response as the Directors consider fair shall be given to the Life Members affected by such alteration or cancellation.

c. If the Union ceases to hold rights to use, or ceases to exercise rights to use Allianz Stadium for the purpose of conducting Matches, Life Members rights may be varied or abrogated in such manner as the Directors may in their reasonable discretion decide is necessary in the circumstances.

d. The Union shall be under no obligation to Life Members for any failure to make available the benefits referred to herein where such failure arose after the Union had for any reason ceased to control the conduct of Matches, after this control has changed substantially or from factors beyond the control of the Union.

12. Seating Conditions

a. Each Life Member shall be entitled to book an unlimited number of membership packages, however if greater than two, NSWRU cannot guarantee that all memberships will be able to be seated in accordance with the Life Member benefit of “best available seats’. The Union will, however, attempt to accommodate all Life Members to their best ability.

13. All communications will be sent to a Life Member’s contact details specified on the application pursuant to which he or she became a Life Member. Should any contact details for the Life Member change, the Union must be notified immediately and the register/database shall be amended accordingly. The Union is not responsible for non-receipt by a Life Member of any communications arising because communications were sent to outdated contact details.

14. Unless the Life Member instructs the Union to the contrary in writing, the Union may disclose any information relating to the Life Member held by the Union to third parties authorized by the Union to communicate with the Life Member including without limitation the purpose of making a promotional offer to the Life Member.

15. Majority of the communication about Life Member benefits will be communicated to members via email and/or SMS. NSWRU is not liable for any missed benefits as a result of the member not receiving this communication.

16. Life Membership will terminate if a member fails to pay an annual subscription or for any other failure to comply with these terms and conditions or with the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Union or any other rules and regulations made pursuant thereto, as from time to time amended, or if the Life Member conducts himself or herself in a manner which, in the opinion of the Directors, is likely to bring the Union or rugby union football into disrepute.

17. A Life Membership is non-transferable, except with the prior written consent of the Directors,
although a Life Membership Card may be used with his or her permission on the terms provided above.

18. Life Members and persons accompanying them shall behave themselves in a sober and orderly manner while attending any Match or other function conducted by or on behalf of the Union and while on any premises or grounds owned, leased, licensed or used by the Union and, while attending any of these events, shall obey all reasonable directions of the Union or duly authorized personnel and all rules or directions appearing on any ticket, signage, or other material relating to such event.

19. The Union shall not be responsible for any harm, injury, discomfort, theft or inconvenience suffered by Life Members, persons accompanying them or by their property while such persons are attending any Match, function, event or Tour conducted by or on the behalf of the Union or are on any premises or grounds owned, leased, licensed or used by the Union.

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